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Describe A Person You Hate Essay

There is no such person who likes everybody. I’m not different. There are couple persons who I dislike. One of theme is a man but I can’t say that I hate him. I’m not going to tell that person name.
He’s very arrogant man. He was always speaking to me as kind of lower species of human being. That man talks and thinks about him self like about very intelligent person, but he didn’t behave so. Each thinking human who sees older guy expects from such a man some good, or even very good, manners, especially when that man is on responsible position in our society.
When I’m in a new situation I’m trying fit in. But this guy start, at the very beginning, attacking everybody. First of all what kind of man, on high intellectual level, curses in a public place? What kind of teacher uses slang in his speech? I think it’s not a good example of behaviour. I don’t want to insult anybody, because I’m not saint, but in my eyes such kind of attitude is inexcusable, especially at school. Contact with so young mind must be gentle and thought over.
But on the other hand he had great knowledge. When he wasn’t at classes he was nice man. So that more strange that he was showing to faces in his life. It’s difficult to judge such human. Maybe he should not show his student only the bad sight of his character. There is nothing wrong in showing filings.
To sum up I had to tell that no one is perfect. I’m also not perfect. That man has never done something wrong to me, but I don’t like his attitude to his profession. I wanted to learn that subject which he was teaching me, but he was pushing me away from this, not only me but also everybody alls. I don’t like him, but it’s only my opinion. Maybe in some one eyes he was a good teacher but not in my and nothing will ever change this.

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A person I dislike most is Sunny Soo, my nextdoor neighbor. He is in his late thirties and is a father of three teenagers.

Sunny is one person who will repulse you at first look. Standing at 1.5 meters, he is skin and bone with a pimply dark face crowned with wispy hair, the color of steel. He has a pair of cold, brown eyes, a broad nose and jagged protruding teeth.

I have never met a person who is as crude as Sunny. He talks very fast and as a result, saliva shoots out from his mouth at an amazing speed that would put an M-16 machine to shame. So, everyone who talks to him has tissues or even mini umbrellas ready for emergency use. Apart from that, he likes to use four-letter words that have embarrassed many a cultured young lady who chanced to meet him.

I have also never met a person as loudmouth as Sunny. Once, my friend, Ganesh and I were at a cinema. Guess who was sitting behind us? Sunny Soo ! He kept commenting on the show so much so that we had no choice but to move to two other empty seats in the front row. We went home dizzy, cursing him all the way home.

Sunny's 'kiasu' behavior also puts me off. I remember once, there was a sale in town. Sunny was so afraid of not getting there first that he went to the shopping complex and camped there the whole night so that he could be the first to enter the shop to get good bargains. He goes to such lengths so as not to lose out to others.

Added to this trait of being 'kiasu' is his perception of money. To him, fifty cents is like fifty dollars. He once walked from his apartment to town because he wanted to save the $1.00 parking fee. My mum saw him walking, his face bathed in sweat and his wispy hair plastered on his face. Mum was so tickled that she nearly knocked the car in front of her.

What I also dislike about him is his condescending attitude towards people who are younger than he is. Once, I forgot to lower the volume of my television. He marched to my apartment, kicked my door and told me to switch off the television. If Dad had not prevented me from rushing out, I would have beaten him to pulp.

So now you have read about Sunny, you will understand why I have such a dislike for him. But a funny thing though, is that his wife is the complete opposite of him. You may wonder why she married him. Your guess is as good as mine.

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