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Argumentative Essay On Driving Age

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Teens only make up seventeen percent of the population today, but almost twenty percent of fatal crashes are due to teenagers behind the wheel. Growing numbers suggest to change the driving age to eighteen and some even believe that changing it to twenty-one may save even more lives. With a sixteen year old behind the wheel, accidents are even more likely to occur when compared to a seventeen year old (Boulard). With so much new technology in today’s society there are more distractions on the road than ever before; therefore the legal driving age should be raised to save more lives. If we do not act quickly then more lives will be lost. From when the first few cars where made teens have been behind the wheel. Many states did not require…show more content…

More than two thirds of that number is a single vehicle crash that happened over night, three fourths were male drivers. If a teens at the wheel, crashes fit a pattern. Putting a sixteen year old male behind the wheel of a top heavy vehicle, adding two sixteen year old girls and one more male, subtract seat belts, and finally, let them travel fast; that's a common formula that almost always ends badly. “With in coming years a record 17.5 million teens will be eligible to drive once the peak of the 'Baby Boom-let' hits driving age by the end of this decade.” In 2000 there were 1.3 teen drivers, in a 2010 the number rose to 8.4 teenagers eligible(O’Donnell). In a 2006 there was a new study done showing why teens have the highest crash rate that sky rockets above any other age group in the United States. According to the National Institutes of Health, the part of the brain that weighs risks, controls impulsive behavior, careless attitude, and rash emotions is underdeveloped until the age of twenty-one. Jay Gieed, chief of brain imaging in the child psychiatric unit at the National Institute of Mental Health is behind this particular study: “Gieed points to an image of a brain on his computer screen that illustrated brain development from childhood to adulthood. As he sets the time lapse in motion, the brain turns blue rapidly in some area and more slowly in others—which represents development over time—is the right side just

The driving age should not be changed from 16 to 18 in the state of Delaware. The reason I think the driving age should remain at 16 is because you can be any age and still get the same experience as a 16 year old. Changing the age won’t really help anything because you are going to learn the same thing, just at a different age.

As you know, kids in high school oftentimes play sports or have after-school activities. Parents are expected to pick them up from school. With so many parents working, it can be difficult for parents to always be available to pick kids up or drop kids off. If the driving age stays the same than the kids would be able to drive themselves home and to and from various activities.

Aren’t your parents busy these days? And aren’t parents always too busy to drive you to your friends house? 16 year olds like to hang out with their friends. Going to the movies or to the mall would be much easier with a 16 year old having a driver’s license.

16 year olds are capable of driving well. They are expected to be responsible students and get good grades, and therefore should be permitted to drive. Driving is a privilege with rules. Kids respond well to rules. If kids drive carelessly, there will be consequences to their actions.

In conclusion, the driving age in the state of Delaware should remain the same as it’s been for centuries (age 16). I think you will agree that kids deserve the same treatment now as they did in the past. Driving at age 16 is the answer.

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