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Essay Writer.Org Reviews


With this essay writing service, you may get a custom written essay or assignment for high school all the way up to college. Ordering is not as easy as it is with other companies because they insist that you sign up for an account before you are allowed to see the order form. Nevertheless, you may order online without having to speak to an advisor, and they are willing to complete any type of legitimate academic work so long as it doesn’t involve advanced math or advanced programming. Their prices are not very high, and you are able to track the progress of your paper as it is being written.


Their big selling point is the fact that you can buy pages as cheaply as $16.50. It is not the lowest price you will find on the Internet, but it is fairly low within the legitimate-writing company industry. Prices may rise as high as $44 per page for higher-level pieces and if you want your essay page in a few hours rather than a few days. The low price of $16.50 per page is what they charge high school students for projects that are due in more than 15 days.

List of Services

The brand that holds up the company claims that their writers can write any type of academic paper because they have many writers, which adds up to a collective that has a broad qualification profile. In lay terms, it means that if you have an assignment, then they probably have a writer that can complete it for you. Here are some of their most popular assignment-writing services:

The company will complete your book reports research paper evaluations, introduction chapters, coursework, article critiques, methodology work, lab report, research paper, reaction paper, dissertations, abstracts, admission essays, term paper, article critique, custom essays, reference sections, article, resumes, literature reviews, personal statements, research papers, speeches, term papers, thesis proposals, book reviews and any academic or blog articles you wish to have completed.

They are also happy to complete your research proposals, movie review, speech/presentation, results analysis, annotated bibliographies, discussions, presentations, results, book report/review, scholarship essays, thesis writing, case study, case studies, reaction papers and any forms of coursework that you have.

Discounts and Free Features

With this company, you will get a free outline, free revisions, a free outline and a free title page. You also get a free plagiarism report, which is mainly there to reassure you that they have written the content. The prices do not have a quotation tool, you have to look them up on their pricing page and then add up your total. Any discounts are added after you have signed up and started your order. They do not have regular discounts; they only have them on ad-hoc occasions, usually when demand is at its lowest.

Customer Support

Their team members appear to be highly trained and very professional. You can call their customer service department for free on their toll-free number. Alternatively, you can try their live chat function that is nestled at the bottom right of their homepage. Click on it and type in a question and an automated response will appear. After a few seconds/minutes, a member of the customer service department will answer your question and/or reply to your comment.

This company knows exactly how to attract their target customers – most students pick their content providers based on affordability. However, while the name of cheapwritingservice.org seems one of the most inviting on the market, you must also pay attention to the remaining features. If a company offers cheap prices as the ONLY benefit to students who order their papers online, you are doomed to get a low quality paper and terrible service.

To find out if this company is as good as it sounds, we evaluated all key features.

Range of Writing Services

We cannot say we were completely disappointed by the list of services offered, but this list is far from extensive. When in search of a regular content provider, students need companies that can deliver it all – starting from the most popular papers such as essays, to dissertations and PowerPoint presentations.

This company is somewhat average when it comes to range of writing services offered.

Prices and Discounts

If you got the impression that this is a cheap service, you got it right. With a starting price of only $8 per page for high school level paper and a deadline of a week, this is one of the cheapest writing services we have seen online.

The highest price here is $60 per page for a Master’s level paper of only 8 hours. Once again, this is an extremely cheap price when compared to other companies on the writing market.

The second disadvantage of the service is that they have no discounts. Of course, this is not that much of an issue because the original prices are incredibly cheap.

Quality of Papers

When we saw the company’s pricing, we became worried immediately. Companies that offer unreasonable and unrealistic prices for academic content are usually those scam services students always complain about. They use cheap prices to trick students into purchasing their services, then deliver no papers, plagiarized papers, or low quality papers after the deadline.

In this case, we did get a paper within the deadline. So, this is not so much of a scam service as we thought. However, the quality of our paper was so disappointing, there was no room for a revision. The essay was obviously written by someone with very bad English, had a lot of plagiarism, and so many mistakes, it simply could not be fixed.

Customer Support Service

After our disappointment by the quality of papers offered, we got another negative surprise by the customer service. Unfortunately, cheapwritingservice.org is one of those companies who do not have 24/7 customer service, or in our experience, no customer service at all!

After four attempts, we finally gave up on trying to get in touch with their agents.


Overall, cheapwritingservice.org is a company with extremely cheap prices, but very bad services. Not only they offer a limited list of academic papers, but they have no available customer support service and terrible writers working on orders. Basically, it is not a company you should consider for your papers, even if their pricing seems inviting.

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