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Design A Flyer Assignment

Using MS Office Publisher on the PC partition

Make a flyer advertising some upcoming school, community or personal event that you participate in or that you are interested in.  (It does not have to be a real event.  You can make one up.)


The flyer must –

1.  advertise an event – real or imaginary
2.  clearly state a call to action – “Come See”, ” For Sale”, “FREE”, Join Us”, “Attend”
3.  contain all necessary details of the event – who, what, where, when, why
4.  must contain at least 2 pictures that are cropped or edited in some way
5.  follow the rules of effective flyer design

keep it simple – text, message –> no full sentences, LISTS
important information first
Biggest font to smallest font
max 3 colors and 3 fonts

Call me to your station for a review of the flyer

When flyer is approved:

    • Save the flyer as a PDF file –> it will keep the same name, but be a differnet file typ
    • Print it out
    • Put your name on the BACK of the printed flyer
    • Take a screen shot of your flyer –> resize it in Photoshop to be 400 px wide, save for Web & Devices
    • name it -20-PetPigChoic-username (it will have a different extension from the PDF file)
  1. copy your project folder into your network home
  2. Upload the PDF and the JPG of the flyer to your “My Projects” Post
  3. Upload the PDF file to your Google Drive and move it to you Computer Apps folder

Assignment 2: Creating a Flyer Before beginning this assignment, you should thoroughly review Windows Explorer, File Management, Office Features, and Word Documents from your course textbook, Go! All in one: Computer concepts and application. http://digitalbookshelf.argosy.edu/#/books/9781256959090/pages/61117992 For this assignment you will be creating a one-page flyer in a Microsoft Word document. The flyer will advertise the fitness activities for students at a college. There are two categories of fitness activities: Fitness Services and Intramural Sports. Please carefully read the paragraph below to understand the fitness activities on and off campus. The Associate Students of Laurel College sponsors fitness activities. These take place both on campus and off campus. The activities fall into two categories: Fitness Services and Intramural Sports. Fitness Services are noncompetitive activities, with the most popular being Kickboxing, Jogging, and Aerobics.

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