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Rockwood District Research Paper Guide

School District of New Berlin library media specialists developed the research guides and templates listed below.  These resources are designed to guide students through the research process as identified in the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Information & Technology Literacy.

Content Standard - Students in Wisconsin will access, evaluate, and apply information efficiently and effectively from a variety of sources in print, nonprint, and electronic formats to meet personal and academic needs.

Performance Standards (Steps in Research Process)

  • Define the need for information
  • Develop information seeking strategies
  • Locate and access information sources
  • Evaluate and select information from a variety of print, nonprint, and electronic formats
  • Record and organize information
  • Interpret and use information to solve the problem or answer the question
  • Communicate the results of research and inquiry in an appropriate format
  • Evaluate the information product and process

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view the research templates.

ROCKWOOD, Mo. _It is the first day back at school for many school districts this morning after the holiday break. One of the largest area districts, the Rockwood School District, is taking precautions to make sure its buses start in the freezing weather.

The system worked.

Rockwood officials say all of the district`s buses started smoothly on this cold morning. The buses have electrical cords attached to them that drivers unhook as they come in for their shifts. The cords power heaters around the engine blocks of the buses.

Those heaters help the buses start smoothly on these cold mornings.

The Rockwood district owns and operates its fleet of 192 buses. When the district bought the buses two years ago, officials purchased buses with the heating feature around the engine blocks.

Rockwood leaders say a situation that happened four years ago played a role in getting buses with engine block heaters.

It was four years ago today when the district had to unexpectedly cancel classes because 20 of its buses wouldn`t start in the cold weather. That certainly was not a problem this morning.


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