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Psya3 Essays On The Great

My gender predictions are next for the PSYA3 retake students sitting the old spec this June – apologies they are a little late! Just to clarify this is not for new spec students but old spec students retaking their exams looking for some guidance on what has and hasn’t come up. This is your last chance to retake these exams and improve your grades so its incredibly important you give it everything and leave no stone unturned when it comes to your revision. If you wish to improve your A level grades after this point for psychology then you will need to study the new specification from the beginning as you cannot combine old spec and new spec results for a final A level grade.

Gender is usually a popular third topic along with Aggression and Relationships and I’ve had a lot of people request this topic so I thought I would see if there are any obvious questions that are sticking out that I think you should watch out for. As I always state do not go into the exam revising only these predictions; you would be mad to do that so please only use these as a guide so you know what has and hasn’t appeared. I will share with you what I think is personally going to come up but this is merely my opinion on what I would give more focus to rather than revise solely.

Download all the possible gender essay questions here! Every question covered with A* model essay answers.

Gender has many potential essays which include:

  • The role of genes and hormones.
  • Evolutionary explanations of gender roles.
  • The biosocial approach to gender development.
  • Explanations of gender dysphoria.
  • Kohlberg’s cognitive development theory.
  • Gender schema theory.
  • Social influences on gender role.
  • Cultural influences on gender role.

You need to make sure going into the exam that you have memorised essay answers for all these possible essays. As you are literally days away I hope revision has been going well for you and you are in the process of memorising all your created essays – if you are struggling or lack any of these essays than I would recommend downloading my Gender ebook by clicking the image on the right. This provides top banding A* model essay answers all the Loopa students have been using to smash this Gender topic and will save you the time and effort of having to create top-banding essays from scratch. The ebook is an instant download so there is no waiting involved.

Gender Predictions PSYA3 2017

Last year we had a 4 marker on the role of genes and hormones and a 20 marker on Gender schema theory. In my eyes this rules out Gender schema theory as it also came up only 2 years prior. Looking at the table we can also see that there are quite a few overdue questions that may be more likely and we can only really rule out 2 essays in my eyes which are Gender schema theory and social influences on gender role (which appeared in June 2015). The order in which I would prioritise the essays are as follows:

  1. Evolutionary explanations of gender roles – This hasn’t appeared in any form according to my table and it goes as far back as June 2011. So a question on this topic is well overdue and needs to be seriously revised for.
  2. Explanations of gender Dyshoria – An essay on gender dysphoria is also likely in my eyes considering there hasn’t been any questions that have looked at explanations of this ever.
  3. Cultural influences on gender role – Hasn’t appeared since June 2011. Thats 7 exam windows ago so it’s very overdue.
  4. The role of genes and hormones – Yes this did come up as a 4 marker but in my eyes that isn’t enough for it to be ruled out. Prior to that its had nothing on it so it should still be prepared for and considered a possibility.
  5. The biosocial approach to gender development – A question on this appeared in January 2013 and its been 4 exam windows since then so should still be considered a possibility.
  6. Kohlberg’s cognitive development theory – This appeared in June 2013 and even though there are more overdue questions, I think if they wanted to throw you a curve ball this would be it really. This is because its been 3 exam windows since it appeared and it is such a crucial topic to know. Also the fact that gender schema theory was asked twice in 3 years means they are not averse to making this tricky for this topic.

So these are the main 6 topics I would focus my attention on and the order in which I would give them the most focus. There are some clear topics which havent made an appearance (or not a significant appearance being only small mark questions) so I’ve tried to number them in terms of priority. It is always wise to learn everything however going into the exam.

So these are my thoughts – what are yours? What other topics would you like to see me cover?

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Since 2012 I've helped literally thousands of students achieve some amazing grades for A level Psychology and get into their chosen universities - Even schools across the UK now use my resources. If you're studying Psychology why not Follow me on Twitter, LIKE my Facebook page or subscribe to my YouTube channel and get tons of free resources and updates and see just how well you can do too.

A2 Psychology AQA A – How To Answer 24 Mark Essay Questions For Psya3 & Psya4

The updated version of this post for the new specification is here:

How to write A level psychology essay answers.

Hey guys,

This is a question that keeps popping up in one form or another and I wanted to make a video on this. You can view it below; it explains the exam technique and method I used to answer 24 mark essay questions for A2 Psychology and specifically the Psya3 and Psya4 essay questions.

Theory First, Followed By Evaluation

People have different ways of writing their essays. Some like to mix theory and evaluation together within paragraphs while others like to do one at a time (a paragraph of theory, a paragraph of evaluation, then back to theory, back to evaluation…rinse repeat).

What I personally recommend is you write all your theory first (all of it) and then you leave a line of space and then do all your evaluation. This is the technique I have used in both my Psya3 and Psya4 exams which helped me get 100% in both papers. Take a look below:

The green element is the theory element while the blue element is the evaluation. Imagine you’re an examiner and you get an essay like this. You can clearly attribute all the marks for the theory section and you know everything after the first bit is pure evaluation. Theres no struggle to try and distinguish the two, your not spending ages having to mark it. Its simple.

Although you will hear you can write it how you wish its just simple perspective taking you need here; examiners are humans at the end of the day and they get frustrated sitting for ages writing countless essays. How much will they like you if you make it this easy?

How To Remember Your 24 Mark Psychology A Level Essays

My Acronym method is outlined in all my books but I thought I would write it here too.

Firstly you create your essays into your own words using my model essay answers. The theory you must ideally know from the top of your head as this is basically an explanation or concept. You can use the Acronym method to remember theory too if you wish – I did in some cases myself where I struggled but its easier using this with the evaluation points as researchers tend to be harder to remember – Its up to you, it will work for both.

Acronyms are “markers” that I used to trigger my memory to recall the rest of the essay. It is harder to remember a whole paragraph than it is a few letters which can then lead me to remember what those letters stand for and the actual studies themselves. This then triggers my memory to recall how each study is evaluated for strengths and weaknesses and so forth – a bit like a chain reaction.

Heres an example below from my Psya3 Aggression book below:

This is how memorising the essays with chunking and acronyms works. It takes practice – Using this method WILL NOT WORK unless you have model essays created first and set up in a way that acronyms fit into them as I have done. Thats the bit that will require work on your half – structuring it in a way that suits you. Once done you employ this method to recall all your essays.

Also to note: When creating your acronyms try and create a combination of letters that spell something or are easier to recall than a random order. For example remembering the acronym SPUD is easier than remembering the acronym PSDU.

Take a stopwatch with you for the essay questions

One thing I did forget to emphasise in the video was the importance of taking a stopwatch with you so you can time yourself for the Psya3 and Psya4 exams. When writing 24 mark essay answers, especially in psya3 – you need to allocate your time accordingly and a stopwatch is incredibly important as it saves you precious time looking up at the clock and trying to figure out how much time you have left.

Psya3 And Psya4 Is All About Exam Technique

Literally. Exam technique probably counts for 25% of the mark you will get. The video above explains it but I’ll get the main points written down too. When answering 24 mark essay questions in Psya3 you have 1hr 30 minutes with 3 questions to answer. Therefore you need to split the time accordingly and spend 30 minutes on each question. Within this 30 minute window you need to again split this well between your theory and evaluation sections. If it is a full 24 mark essay question you will have it split with 8 marks for theory and 16 marks for evaluation.

Here I would recommend trying to maximise your marks for theory as much as possible as that is easier than the evaluation sections. Spend no more than 8-10 minutes on this and then move on to the evaluation section trying to write as much evaluation elements as you can remember. The only thing you must ensure is that you include at least two issues, debates and approachesin your evaluation section. As your stopwatch hits the 30 minute mark, wrap up what your writing and then move on to the next question and try do the same again.

You don’t need to write 24 mark essay answers.

To score an A* in Psya3 June 2013 – You only needed to score 16/24 marks in each essay. This year is likely to be close to that number as it only ever changes slightly so if you can score 8 marks in theory, you only need about 8-10 marks in the evaluation section to fall within the top bracket and score an A* yourself. So you literally focus your attention accordingly. I personally think scoring marks for theory is easier than evaluation. With the theory element you only have to remember an explanation of something while the evaluation section requires you to remember research studies, the evaluation for them and IDA’s.

Do what works for you.

Ultimately do what works for you – this is all simply guidance at the end of the day and me chronicling my journey and what worked for me. It is by no means the definitive guide and we all learn and work differently. If you have found a method that works for you; use that instead.

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I have used the acronym MHBC which stands for the researchers McGuffin, Hutchings, Brunner and Caspi et al.

As soon as I see the question I remember my acronym and write this at the top: MHBC. The green element is the Theory while the blue is the evaluation. Notice where I have put the letters. As soon as I finish writing my theory (the green element) I look at my acronyms and recall M = McGuffin hence I recall his name and as I have practiced countless times writing this essay I recall his study too and the evaluation that goes with this. By the time I finish writing about him I look at the next letter which is H = Hutchings and this triggers my memory for his study and findings as well as the evaluation points.

Since 2012 I've helped literally thousands of students achieve some amazing grades for A level Psychology and get into their chosen universities - Even schools across the UK now use my resources. If you're studying Psychology why not Follow me on Twitter, LIKE my Facebook page or subscribe to my YouTube channel and get tons of free resources and updates and see just how well you can do too.

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