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Digital Film Production Personal Statement

Media/Film/TV/Theatre Personal Statement 1

The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly" - Cecil B DeMille.

I feel that this quotation really applies to my desire for success in the Media Industry. My interest in media has led me to take every opportunity to investigate different techniques used to gain an audience's attention.In theatre, I have been inspired by Michael Frayn's " Noises Off" where the construction of the set, which the audience saw from front and behind, together with the energy and pace of the delivery of the script and performers, made the audience fully involved with action happening in different parts of the stage simultaneously. Stephen Daldry's new production of "An Inspector Calls" showed how to create atmosphere with lighting and dry ice. By elevating the main actors in a room suspended above the stage, the audience had to strain to see the activity which helped keep them focussed. This helped me realise how different approaches to production generate new experiences for an audience and enhance a script. The new play "Porridge" showed me how to transfer from TV to stage - the basic set made sure the focus was on the script and the set became almost incidental. Throughout school I have taken part in a large number of activities which have led me to my decision to pursue a career in Media. I took a lead role in "Romeo and Juliet". I was a member of the school choir for two years where I learnt to work as a team member, interacted well with my peers, built my confidence in front of an audience and represented the school at Durham Cathedral. I have also helped produce our award- winning school newspaper for five years. As a member of the editorial team, I have written articles, taken photos as well helping produce the paper at the Journal offices in Newcastle. I have also helped to organised events at the school such as the "Charity Oscars Night" arranged by the Media Department. My role included promotion, selling tickets, helping to organise the evening as a whole and acting as a paparazzo - taking photos. I won one of the Oscars for a short film piece I produced. I am also a Sixth Form "Media Ambassador". This means I am the focal point for any younger pupils who may have questions or an interest in the subject. It gives me the opportunity to talk to parents as well as pupils at open days or parent evenings and promote my subject. I really enjoy this as I have the opportunity to pass on my enthusiasm for the subject. I am also a member of the school Production Committee. I am in charge of filming the school productions of the drama club/department, making sure that the footage is of the highest quality. These films will form an archive for the school drama department and can be used to promote the school.

Outside school, I regularly help out in the local community. I have produced several Radio shows at Radio Teesdale. My duties include things such as timings, choosing the music and managing the radio presenter at the time. This has given me good experience in a new area in media for me and I really enjoy it.

I am very passionate about working in the media industry. In addition to the above, I have also volunteered to help members of staff and have created several presentations for them which have been shown on the school TV screens, posters and the school website. Topics have included bullying, fundraising events such as "Jeans for Genes" and Oxfam, school newspaper promotion as well as current activities within the school and have been seen by pupils and visitors to the school.

I want my career to be in media production/direction and I believe I have the necessary enthusiasm and desire for taking risks in production which will develop the key skills required to succeed in the industry. I would love the opportunity to study media at university as the next step towards my future career.


Universities Applied to:

  • University of Reading, (Television, Film & Theatre), (BBB/300 points), Firm
  • Aberystwyth University (Film & Television), (220 UCAS Points), Insurance
  • University of Leeds (Cinema & Photography), (BBB)
  • Oxford Brookes University (Multimedia Production), (CCC)
  • Kingston University (Film Studies), (240 UCAS Points)

Grades Achieved:

Media Studies - B English Language - B ICT - C Politics (AS) - D

Applicant's Comments

In a sense, I feel I am quite lucky, I missed out on my Firm offer, yet I managed to get in despite this. I have a feeling my personal statement was a HUGE help because of this, however my experience in Sixth Form with various Media/Film/TV related groups and events helped to emphasise my interest and desire to do a Film/TV degree.

My advice to any prospective students would be, to join as many groups and take part in any activities you can linked to Media while at College/Sixth Form/School. My experience, I think, was very strong, and even including minor things, such as being part of my School's choir, showed my willingness to try new things.

Although there are arguments both for and against including a quote, I felt mine was very relevant, and showed my extensive research into the subject I was applying for.

Article by TSR User on Thursday 15 February 2018

“You shouldn’t dream your film, you should make it” - A famous quote by Steven Spielberg and a quote that I strongly agree with. I have enjoyed this BTEC Media Diploma course so much because I believe film gives everyone the ability to become imaginative which is a valuable skill in life; it can also be very influential to a lot of people and can change people’s opinions. I was immediately fascinated by the fun and hardworking enjoyment of filming and editing films when I first took my BTEC Media course in 6th form. This lead me to become more inspired about creating videos and start posting my own work on the internet via YouTube, and creating short films that were not part of my school work just for my personal enjoyment. This is what motivates me to become successful in the film and television industry such as becoming a professional editor, director, or cameraman.

Through my experience of filmmaking in school, I have gained a lot of knowledge, learning how much there is to think about with every shot; from continuity, to mise en scene, and the technical skills needed for editing. I have experienced the frustrating re-takes and the relief of a finished scene, as well as the interesting decisions the director and other members of the crew make. My technological knowledge which I have mostly gained from studying Media Studies at GCSE and BTEC include: Adobe Flash for animating, PowerDirector 12 for editing, and Photoshop. I am always developing, learning and improving my skills from pre-production, right through to the post-production process. Furthermore, I am known to be the best editor in my year group, this status has attracted the attention of some teachers and have asked me personally to help them create a video for them and their class, for example my head of 6th form asked me to film his students and edit the video together for their Citizenship lesson, the video was a charity video for Water Aid.

During the summer of 2014 I participated in NCS: The Challenge, this was a 3 week programme on getting teenagers aged 15-17 to participate in various activities and learn valuable skills in life such as public speaking, team work, communication skills, community service and making new friends with people you wouldn’t normally talk to. As part of NCS, we were challenged to raise money for a dance and arts studio for teenagers and people with disabilities called One Love Studios based in Birmingham. We did a sponsored walk and I managed to raise £23 and walk 8 miles around Edgbaston Reservoir. One of my hobbies include football, I am very passionate about it, I love playing for my team: Kingshurst FC Disability team, which is a team that only allows players who have disabilities, this is great as it allows people to still participate in the sport and not get outclassed by more abled players. Football also allows me to gain important skills such as teamwork and communication. I also love watching it and my favourite team is FC Barcelona, my favourite player in particular is Lionel Messi, I love watching him play and it motivates me to train harder and become a much better footballer. Another one of my hobbies includes gaming; I love playing computer games as they’re really fun, I also believe that it can improve certain parts of your brain such as reaction times, tactical decisions, and give you knowledge that might be needed in real life.

I think I would be the perfect candidate for this course and university; I’m hardworking, independent, and great at working in a team. I feel that I will learn a lot of useful skills from this course such as making important technical decisions, new techniques I can use while editing.

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