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Aqa Gcse Ict Coursework Unit 3


Controlled Assessment (CA) is a form of internal assessment where the control levels for each stage of the assessment process (task setting, task taking and task marking) have been defined by Ofqual. These control levels must be applied by all GCSE Awarding Bodies. The control levels which must be applied to GCSE ICT are as follows:

  • Task Setting: High
  • Task Taking: Medium
  • Task Marking: Medium.

Contextualisation of Units 2 and 3

A high level of control for task setting is required by the Ofqual Controlled Assessment criteria. This means that AQA must set the tasks for Units 2 and 3. However, centres are permitted to contextualise one or more tasks if an element of a task needs to be changed to meet the availability of, and access to, an individual centre's resources.

Unit 3 – Controlled Assessment and Marking Criteria

Unit 3, Practical Problem Solving in ICT, aims to develop in candidates the skills to work independently and tackle practical aspects of solving a problem, which is interdependent on the systems life cycle. It is clear that employers value and want to employ young people with individual problem solving skills. Candidates must work to produce an individual portfolio of work in hard copy. This work must be based upon solving the problems arising from one of the six tasks provided by AQA.

Unit 3 – Task Setting

Six Candidate Booklets (45203/CB) will be published to centres using the e-AQA secure server (apply through the AQA website, www.aqa.org.uk. Your school or college Examinations Officer can set you up as a user) on the second Monday in September. (Teachers can have access to the e-AQA server through their Examinations Officer.) The second set of six tasks relates to the following academic years:

  • 2013 to 2014 for submission in June 2014
  • 2014 to 2015 for submission in June 2015
  • 2015 to 2016 for submission in June 2016

Each candidate must complete a portfolio of evidence for this unit based upon one of the six tasks provided for the year in which the candidate is to be entered for the unit. Within a centre candidates can choose from the six tasks issued. Teachers may limit the choice of tasks made available to a candidate, but each candidate must have a choice.

The six tasks will be reviewed by AQA every three years. We shall decide which tasks, if any, should be withdrawn from the list, which should be amended and which new tasks should be added. Any revised list will be published on the e-AQA secure server.

Unit 3 – Task Taking

Important information about task taking in Controlled Assessment is given in the Teachers' Notes (45203/TN). Teachers must read these Notes before beginning Unit 3. The Notes will first be published on the e-AQA secure server on the second Monday in September. New Teachers' Notes will be published with any revised tasks

Unit 3 – ICT Functional Elements in the tasks

Many criteria in the Unit 3 Marking Criteria comprise Functional Elements for ICT. In undertaking any Unit 3 Task candidates have the opportunity to learn skills which would assist them greatly in achieving the knowledge and understanding of the functional ICT.

Unit 3 – Task Marking

The marking criteria for Unit 3 are given in the PDF version of this specification, together with the evidence to be provided by the candidate to prove achievement. This information is repeated in the Teachers' Notes (45203/TN) which will be published on the e-AQA secure website at the same time as the six tasks provided by AQA .

The Teachers' Notes give both instructions and guidance to help teachers in the conduct and assessment of the Unit 3 Controlled Assessment tasks.

If you have queries about the marking criteria, you are encouraged to contact us using Ask AQA for Teachers on the AQA Website for further clarification. Each centre will also be assigned a Controlled Assessment Advisor who will be available to assist centres with any centre-specific matters relating to Unit 3. Details will be provided when AQA knows which centres are following the specification.

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