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National 5 Computing Homework Computational Thinking Lessons

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Computational Thinking Homeworks

A few tasks developed to encourage computational thinking skills.

Created by Greg Reid
last edited Jul 10 2017 by Jeet Pawar

These are the first of a few Computational Thinking homeworks I’m going to create to supplement my Scottish National 4/5 Programming course.

The homeworks will take the form of a series of puzzles designed to encourage the reading and understanding of code and in particular the logic behind the code.

Homeworks 1&2 are written in Scratch to allow their use with a variety of year groups. No understanding of Scratch is required to complete the first two homeworks. The programming language is simply being used as a vehicle to ask the questions.

Homework 3 onwards are written in Python.

Homework 1 - Fixed Loops
Homework 2 - Values & Variables
Homework 3 - String Handling
Homework 4 - IF (Making Decisions)
Homework 5 - Built in Functions (Added Sept 14)

Level: (Beginner / Intermediate/ )

Duration: (20 - 30 minutes each)

Teaches: (Computational Thinking)

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A set of homework challenges to promote computational thinking using Scratch and Python courtesy of Greg Reid, a CAS member in Scotland.

The challenges are:

*fixed loops in which students are presented with a series of scripts produced using the programming language Scratch. Students have to explain what the output will be, fill in missing parts of the script and decide which of a series of scripts produced the given outcome. each of the scripts contains a loop created using the 'repeat' command.

*values and variables follows a similar pattern to 'fixed loops' exploring the use of variables and substituting values for variables.

*string handling explores string handling using Python programming language. Area covered are storing text, concatenation, sub-strings, lower case, upper case and length of string.

*making decisions explores how decisions are made dependent upon an input by the use of the 'if' statement, the 'else if' statement, the 'or' statement using the Python programming language.

*built-in functions tests understanding of string and maths functions in Python. Students must use the description of the function to determine its output.

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